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10:00 to 10:45
24 Nov 2020

Keynote powered by CERT-RO


  • Dan Cîmpean Avatar Dan Cîmpean General Director of Romanian National Computer Security Incident Response Team at CERT-RO
10:50 to 11:20
24 Nov 2020

Risk & Vulnerability Management

  • Radu Stanescu Avatar Radu Stanescu Founder, Security Consultant & Trainer at Sandline
11:25 to 12:05
24 Nov 2020

Securing mobile applications

Mobile applications are everywhere: no matter if you are using them to access your favorite social networks, or to plan meetings, we cannot live without them any more.

This puts a lot of pressure into making sure that these applications are securely developed: once they are “in the wild”, and being used by thousands (or millions) of customers, any mistake can cost a lot.

This presentation will show some common, and some not that common mobile vulnerabilities that Bojan’s team has found in last several years during mobile application penetration testing projects.

We will see what needs to be done to make sure that a mobile application securely handles data in transit, as well as in rest.

12:10 to 12:40
24 Nov 2020

The Importance of Building a Strong Security Culture and Awareness in Organisations

Sandra and Alexios from LSEG’s Cyber Security team will be discussing key challenges faced in the industry, despite automation and a ‘shift left culture’, cyber vulnerabilities continue to be exploited – What do we need to do next. 
13:00 to 14:00
24 Nov 2020

Lunch Break

14:00 to 14:45
24 Nov 2020

Malware deobuscation: an introduction to advanced techniques.

My talk will cover an overview about malware obfuscation. Although most malware threats have used well-known obfuscation, there’re some threat deploy sophisticated methods and technics as virtualized packers. Of course, this is an introductory talk because this topic is huge and there’d be too much to explain. 
  • Alexandre Borges Avatar Alexandre Borges Director and Cyber Security Researcher at Blackstorm Security
14:50 to 15:20
24 Nov 2020

Malware manipulated in Cloud Environment, is Dangerous?

During this presentation, I'll show how the effects can bring in inside the Cloud environment if was exploitable by Malware using PDF file, explaining how each session works within a file, what are the techniques used such as packers, obfuscation and more..

  • Filipi Pires Avatar Filipi Pires Principal Security Engineer and Researcher at Zup Innovation
15:25 to 15:55
24 Nov 2020

Steganography and malware from scratch

Cybercriminals are using steganography  to  steal confidential information and send payloads  to exploit vulnerabilities on their targets.  During this session I will show how these attacks can be performed using social engineering techniques.
  • Juan Araya Avatar Juan Araya Cloud Security Service Lead at Tata Consultancy Services
16:00 to 16:40
24 Nov 2020

That's Fantastic! A new method for administration of systems

Networks and systems are getting more complex all the time. When the management of these systems becomes too much, attackers are able to quickly... and all too easily swoop in and find the flaws. 

  • Mick Douglas Avatar Mick Douglas Managing Partner, Certified SANS instructor at InfoSec Innovations
14:15 to 15:00
24 Nov 2020

Enhanced Detection Methods: So you can sleep in on the weekend

Many security breaches begin with simple phishing and social engineering attacks that steal passwords or create remote access backdoors…. But what happens next?  Is that the user reading the file server or a threat actor? Understanding the techniques of the attacker as they hunt for critical data and move laterally through your network can turn their irregular methods into our strongest detection capability.  We will explore some “living off the land” attacks that take advantage of poorly configured services and flip them into our best detection alarms.

  • Jeremy Bauer Avatar Jeremy Bauer Chief Information Security Officer at Molson Coors GBS
15:15 to 16:00
24 Nov 2020

DDoS Application Performance Testing

In a day and age when 4.4 billion dollars are lost annually worldwide due to poor web application performance, platform scalability is a clear direction for any existing and new systems on the market.